Thought Processes feat. Rmob

by Stüps707

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Single off of upcoming mixtape "Will Rap for Change" by Stüps. Check me out on soundcloud as well.


My chances and fate's desire created a hot mess/
Like dancing in a lake of fire on top of a loch ness/
It's not a promise/
That I'll be honest/
I shot a goddess/
Tainted love with a poisonous thought process/
It's a little sick/
A mind that's riddled with/
Dark shadows as cherubs are playing with this little kid/
The same ones loading bristled clips/
Are the ones middled with/
Malcolm tryina convince Martin that he was a little bitch/
Iron fists inside of heated gloves/
That defeated doves/
Fell to Earth. With GOP seated above/
As dead presidents. Mutter Latin phrases under their breathes that they don't even know the meanings of/
They plant hatred as a seed of love/
And make us fear anything different as a threat so we greet 'em with guns/
Yea. I'm free with ones/

Yea. You say you got me figured out/
And you know my heart's intentions our direction's headed down/
But see my mind is sharper now/
I understand where thoughts can lead you only darkness conquers doubts/
So keep it moving with the bullshit. Put it past me if you ask me I say prove it if you knew this/
It means love and when you kick rocks you gon' bleed tough/
And the pain makes you see us/
Silence can it free us?/
Free falling with our feet up/
Fuck the whole world until you speak up/
You better slow down when you need love/
Do you need love?/
Or do you want lust?/
The future's untold but I see trust/
Been here before but the shit's for real/
Aim for your heart Ima shoot the heel/
Been numb for a while but it's you I feel/
Only had hate but that shit you killed/
I can't recall if it's real/

Wait.. Were you ever real?


released December 18, 2013
Beat produced by iCon.



all rights reserved


Stüps707 Iowa

.Taking the warm, plum-size pod between my thumb and forefinger, I nicked its skin with a thumbnail. After a moment a small bead of milky sap formed on the surface; the wound continued to bleed for a minute or two, the sap darkening perceptibly as it oxidized, and then it slowed, clotting. ... more

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